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The Jazz of the 60’S, Django Style !

The RP quartet is a group that revives the 1960’s jazz repertoire in the spirit of the Hot Club de France quartet founded by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli.
With the unequalled rhythm of Parisian Gypsy jazz, as well as the timbre and lyricism of solo acoustic instruments, two guitars, a violin and a double-bass make u the group.

Everything started at the renowned international jazz school “le Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood” . The creation of RP quartet has allowed each musician to share his passion for jazz and a common culture : gypsy swing.

From West Side Story to Nougaro, and from Thelonious Monk to Miles Davis, the repertoire reveals the many facets of one of the most beautiful jazz areas.


Edouard Pennes:

Edouard Pennes

This young guitarist, born in 1984, has a real passion for jazz and more particularly for Django Reinhardt. As early as 7, he joined the local music school where he learned classical music. Later on, he met Stephane Guery, a Jazz/Rock guitarist, who introduced him to the greatest Jazz musicians and to some improvisation techniques. He then joined the Parisian music school, ATLA, where he started to learn Bebop style music with Pierre Cullaz. He took part in many jam sessions and concerts in Paris and became more and more attracted to Gypsy Jazz, spending his time listening to the greatest such as Bireli Lagrène, Jimmy Rosenberg and Angelo Debarrre. But it was Serge Krief, a true master and virtuoso, who passed  on his love for Django Reinhardt. Since then, he’s been taking part in various groups and formations specialized in Gypsy music.

Bastien Ribot:

Bastien Ribot

This violinist, born in 1986, studied classical music at the CNR in Toulouse. He first started by learning the piano and then got interested in the drums. He discovered improvisation with Pierre Téodori, a jazz violin teacher at the CNR. He perfected his style and phrasing, listening to Stéphane Grapelli. He then practised his passion for Gypsy Swing jazz with Tchiquito Lambert in the Tachavés Swing group which led him to play with other better-known musicians like Steve Laffont, Angello Debarre….. His training at the Didier Lockwood music centre allowed him to become familiar with other music styles such as Cuban music or Jazz-Fusion. He now plays with several Gypsy swing Jazz groups and with other groups with more contemporary sonorities.
Damien Varaillon:

Damien Varaillon

Ce jeune contrebassiste commence la basse électrique en autodidacte avant d ‘entrer au conservatoire de marseille .
A 21 ans il arrete ses études universitaires après son deug de musicologie pour se consacrer pleinement a l’obtention de ses diplomes d’études musicales (DEM) en contrebasse classique, musique de chambre, et contrebasse jazz.
Damien a intégré depuis le département jazz du conservatoire nationale supérieure de musique et de danse de paris (CNSM) .
Il s’ est produit dans différents contextes : musiques symphoniques avec notamment l’ orchestre de Cannes sous la direction de Philippe Bender , l’ opéra de Marseille sous la direction de Jean Claude Casadesus, l’orchestre des jeunes de la Méditerranée avec Laurent Koercia et Olivier Charlier comme soliste, dans des festivals de jazz (Pinarello,Tanjazz au Maroc, Jazz sur la Ville, Jazz à Orleans, Eclats d’Emails , Segré Jazz Festival, Montauband Jazz, Jazz in Stochkolm, Jazz in Marciac …), en big band avec le Red Star orchestra et Olivia Ruiz. Il a tourné avec différents groupes à Londres, au Mexique, en Afrique, en Italie etc… clubs ( Sunset .duc des lombards, jazz club de Grenoble, d Annecy ,etc … , enregistre avec Sylvain Courtney quartet, Lindau HBF ( 2eme prix de groupes a jazz a la Défense), Olivier Robin quintet , Enzo Carniel House of Echoes, Raven de Manu Domergue, Chamber Metropolitan trio, RP Quartet, Daniel Hunter quartet etc … diverses participations pour radio france ( france culture , france musique , fip etc …) et a eu la chance d ‘accompagner pour des masters class Chris Potter, Adam Nusbaum, Billy Hart, Kendrick Scott, Justin Brown etc…

Rémi Oswald:

Rémi Oswald

This young guitarist has always been fond of music and started very young by learning the saxophone and the clarinet. But he discovered the guitar while visiting Serbia and  decided to teach himself to play. He improved his technique under the teaching of famous guitarists like Serge Krief or Pierrejean Gaucher. He carried on his training at the Didier Lockwood music centre. He works for various projects and his talents span from Gypsy jazz or Jazz-fusion to Electrojazz. He takes part in many concerts and jam sessions in Paris and also works in several musical formations.